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In This Supreme Hour

Belfast City Hall (2016)

I created 'In This Supreme Hour' in 2016 as part of the 100th anniversary commemoration of the Easter Rising. It was a recreation of some iconic photographs from the Rebellion. It was first shown at Féile an Phobail's August Arts Exhibition and for one night in the Rotunda in Belfast City Hall. Apparently this was the first time an Irish Republican-themed exhibition occupied the famous Rotunda Hall.


The title 'In This Supreme Hour' comes from the last line in the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. 


Roger Casement: Reflect / Rebel
GPO 1916
First Look at the Headlines
Markievicz Defiant
Arrest of DeVelera
Six Shooters
City Hall 3
Rooftop Rebels
The Surrender
Me and Angus Mitchell
City Hall 1
City Hall 2
City Hall 4
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